Welcome to Toledo! Are you moving to the greater Toledo area and interested in transferring your membership from a sister league? We would be thrilled to have you join our amazing league of women.

How to Transfer Your Junior League Membership

To make the transfer process as easy as possible, here is a short list of commonly asked questions:

We accept members who are in good standing to transfer their membership at any time during the League year.

The transfer process begins with your current Junior League. Contact your current Junior League administrator and let them know you would like to transfer your membership and details about your move date. Once your current League has initiated the transfer process, the Junior League of Toledo will reach out to you and let you know the next steps for membership transfer.

Yes, both your membership status and previous years in the League transfer over. You are not required to complete another New Member year.

Our Nominating and Placement Advocate (NPA) committee will work with you on placing you on a new committee within the Junior League of Toledo. If you are a New Member, you’ll join the New Member class in their year’s curriculum. The New Member Committee will walk you through all requirements and will help tailor the year based upon your entry date.

Our New Member committee plans get-to-know-you events throughout the year for our New Members and we invite you to participate in those as well as any other League-wide social events or happy hours that are planned so you can become familiar with your new Junior League!

Transfer Testimonials

Jamie Birdwell-Branson, Transfer from Santa Barbara, California

“I moved to Toledo in 2017 from Santa Barbara, California, and transferring my League membership made me feel so much more at ease with my cross-country move. I work from home so it was important to me to get to know the community as well as make new friends. Everyone has been so welcoming and it’s been so much fun getting to know everyone.”

Rachel Lewinsohn, Transfer from St. Petersburg Florida

“The Junior League became a major part of my life when I joined the Chicago league back in 2010. I was working all the time, I missed giving back to my community and was looking to potentially gain new friends with like interests. The Junior League of Chicago gave me all those things and so much more. It is a community of ladies that gave me the confidence and the tools that I needed to be a strong leader within my community as well as in the office. I owe my personal and professional growth to the League. When I moved to St. Petersburg, FL, I made sure there was a League and transferred immediately. And 5 years later, when I made the decision to move to Toledo, I did the same thing. I look forward to being the 2018-2019 Membership VP for JLT and to continue to share my passion for the League to so many others.”