Started in 1988 at Sylvania Northview and Southview High Schools. Program provided an opportunity for juniors and seniors to volunteer in the community. Students completed a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service, and then they were honored in a ceremony.

Financial Contribution: $15,826

1988-89 Pat McConnell
1989-90 Jill Peterson
1990-91 Barbara Gravengaard
1991-92 Linda Bunda
1992-93 Julie Orwig
1993-94 Bridget Brell Holt
1994-95 Constance Croasdaile
1995-96 Mary Westphal

1989-90 Michele Hensen
1990-91 Cindy Bandfield
1992-93 Mary Drzewiecki
1993-94 Shelly Conyngham

Agency project turned over to: United Way Voluntary Action Center in 1997