A project developed to assist the YWCA Shelter in providing services to women and their children who were victims of domestic violence. The project had three areas of focus: (1) designed and equipped a children’s activity area with volunteers, (2) developed a system of resource intake and inventory control of supplies, (3) developed a speaker’s bureau to educate the community and mobilize support and donations. In 1985, the Junior League of Toledo  purchased an IBM computer, hired a child and family therapist, and a volunteer coordinator.

Financial Contribution: $71,812

1979-81 Janet Esch
1981-83 Tracy Wimberly
1983-84 Susan Martin
1984-85 Fredi Heywood
1985-86 Betsy Brady
1986-87 Trish Branam

1985-86 Becky Tunis
Jody Aust

In cooperation with: YWCA

Agency project turned over to: YWCA